Video Production

video_productionVideo is provocative. It holds the viewer’s attention.

When a site tour will inform and convince a jury of your arguments, say in an environmental or construction defects case, but you can’t physically take them there, Clear Case Legal employs broadcast quality production and editing skills to bring the site into the courtroom.

fiber_opticAnd when you need to educate a jury about a job or a process or a lifestyle that is beyond common experience, we apply our years of television and storytelling skills by going on location to videotape and produce a “Day in the Life” video that makes your argument crystal clear — all with the impact of television.


When case information is specialized, intricate or multifaceted, such as in intellectual property and securities litigation, you may want to lay foundation for the judge or arbitration panel before your hearing or trial begins.

gpsBWe design, produce and direct tutorials that combine video and animation to clarify your underlying arguments. Then we make the tutorial available in whatever format you need — CD or DVD — to help the judge fully comprehend the elements of your case.


Videotape depositions are more telling, more powerful, than text depositions. If you plan to build your case using a deponent’s testimony —or plan to impeach a witness— it is far more persuasive for the testimony to be seen and heard by the jury than re-read to them.

First and foremost, your deponent must be properly prepared —not just with the facts, but also to be in front of a camera. He or she must look credible at all times, not just when speaking. At Clear Case Legal, our Litigation Consultants have many years of experience training and directing people who have never been in front of a camera. We coach your deponents to be more comfortable, competent and well received as the camera rolls. Remember, this may be the testimony that’s seen in court.

The quality of the videotaping is also critical to you and the jury. How is the deponent framed? How is the deponent lit? What is going on around and behind the deponent? Can you clearly hear your questions and those of opposing counsel? If all these elements are not right, you are wasting your money. A professional video deposition shouldn’t cost more than a sloppy one, but the impact on a jury will be dramatically different.

Professionally edited, your video depositions tell a compelling story. We can show you creative ways to present the raw deposition and we can design additional ways to integrate key video testimony into your demonstratives.