Pre-Trial Testing

pre-trial_redClear Case Legal helps value your case and drive tactical settlement discussions by developing graphics for you that test pre-trial strategies in a focus group or mock trial. And because so many cases settle, and cost containment is such an important factor in any litigation, we understand that every dollar you put into consulting with us needs to pay off.

We show you how to test variations on a theme for retention and transference; how to identify, neutralize or utilize “David v. Goliath” exposure; and how to measure the effectiveness of hardboards versus electronic media. In short, you are better prepared — whatever your objectives.

Whether you are testing in Boston, Birmingham or the Bay Area, we provide all the equipment you’ll need for the presentation, along with an experienced Trial Technician to run it.

billion_dollar_secret_meetingBased on the results of your pre-trial presentation, we help you hone your demonstratives and exhibits so they are ready to be exchanged with opposing counsel. When you produce strong, strategic graphics, you send a clear message to opposing counsel that you are ready and able to present your case, which may also support your settlement objectives.