Graphics & Animation

graphics_animationWhether you need hardboards, digital graphics or interactive tools, our team translates your complex legal arguments into clear, persuasive and memorable visual demonstratives that help produce success in legal briefs, hearings, mock trials and trial

We work with you to visualize your presentation, applying our media experience and behavioral insight. Your story and the venue dictate the medium.

We strategize and design timelines, graphs, maps, and schematics, integrating key testimony, documents and headshots where it underscores your story.

When your expert witness comes to you with copious, detailed testimony, no matter how inscrutable, we help you synthesize that information into cogent demonstratives that allow the jury to fully grasp and remember the points most critical to your success.

data_comp2And when you produce strong, strategic graphics, you help the judge understand the intricacies of your arguments and you send a clear message to opposing counsel that you are ready and able to present your case, which may also support your settlement objectives.

Interactive Tools

We design user-friendly tools that allow you and your expert witnesses to present information yourselves in a non-linear way, from the witness stand or the lectern.

When large amounts of information need to be presented, we design these interactive tools to provide you extraordinary flexibility and to link information intuitively.

history_of_problemsThese tools are excellent for cross-exam and re-direct questioning. They are useful when repetitive or multiple approaches to the same information are likely or most advantageous. And when multi-layered information must be shown to a jury and then condensed for summation, these non-linear tools are especially successful.

We are happy to show you samples.


Whether you are litigating a patent, a securities fraud or a construction defects case, the issues are seldom self-evident. They need to be seen from a variety of perspectives to be fully understood.

Tutorials can combine animation and video to introduce concepts at work, laying foundation.

Animation allows the judge, the panel and the jury to see environments that they normally could not. To see the process. To see events unfold. To see details. To understand.

remarkable_developmentCombined with our ability to strategically employ metaphor and analogy, animation punctuates relationships of all kinds — to numbers, dates, people, places and systems. Applied skillfully, it extends your authority and influence.