Court Presentation

court_presTechnology is only a conduit for your story. But to tell your story fluently, Clear Case Legal provides powerful document management tools and a huge selection of the latest courtroom software and hardware options, based on your tactical and budgetary needs.

We will scout and wire the courtroom, as well as your War Room, with our cutting-edge, low profile presentation equipment. This equipment incorporates industry-leading, non-linear, digital technology, allowing you to go instantly and seamlessly to any exhibit or demonstrative — document, video or graphic.

Our Trial Technicians are battle-tested veterans who understand courtroom dynamics. They are alert and responsive to your needs. You can concentrate on case management; we’ll handle courtroom logistics.

During trial, as strategies may change, you continue to access our work product anytime from anywhere via the Web, using our secure, password-protected website. All work is quickly within your reach for real time review by downloading to your office or your trial War Room.

Interactive Solutions

Whether you are a litigator with a large firm or are a single practitioner, Clear Case Legal produces cost-effective non-linear media from hardcopy testimony, audio, photographs and video.

We develop DVDs and other interactive tools that help you in mediation, arbitration, Markman hearings and trial:
– Engaging tutorials
– Convincing expert witness demonstratives
– Incisive impeachment media

Call us with your presentation and cross examination needs. We’ll help you find a solution.

Trial Presentation Software

Clear Case Legal does not endorse any one trial presentation system. We work with the systems listed below as well as others. Clear Case will discuss your specific case needs before recommending a system. We also suggest you visit the software web sites. The following brief information is for introductory purposes only.


TrialDirector® offers side-by-side comparisons, on-the-fly annotation tools, and exhibit zoom and call-out capabilities.

Video deposition testimony can be presented “on-screen” with synchronized closed-caption transcript text. On cross-examination, it is quick to locate and playback the exact transcript testimony you need.

Your presentation may include custom images and animations, photos, videos, text, depositions, and some off-the-shelf software applications.

Clear Case Legal is a Licensed User of TrialDirector presentation software.


Visionary® is a free, intuitive, integrated software package designed for handling the volumes of transcripts, exhibits, graphics, animations, photos and videos connected with a case. It can be installed on every machine at your firm.

The software provides the flexibility for allowing you to organize the case your way instead of having to fit parameters or constraints of the software.

Sharing presentations with experts, co-counsel, trial consultants and paralegals is accomplished using the HTML export feature.

Visionary claims to be the best and most cost-effective tool for organizing your entire case from the first discovery document to presenting the case in trial.

Clear Case Legal is a Licensed Distributor for Visionary. We can provide a free copy to our clients for their use.


Sanction® looks and acts like Windows. Sanction claims the learning curve for its software is measured in hours, not weeks. The familiar Tree and List Views found in the latest Windows technology are found in Sanction. Extensive use of Drag-and-Drop and Right-Click menus are found throughout the program.

The software provides web connectivity, bullet lists and video clip editing capability. Custom graphics, animations, video, documents and other exhibits can be presented.

The software’s open architecture allows you to integrate with many other legal software packages.

In addition to its basic licensing fee, Sanction charges an annual maintenance fee.