Case Study: Starrh Cotton Growers v. Aera Energy
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Land Use, Environmental, Oil & Gas, Complex Business
Plaintiff Counsel: Law Offices of Ralph Wegis
“Profited from Trespass”

In this environmental contamination case, Shell and Mobile oil companies had created a joint effort to extract petroleum from an agricultural area, claiming that no contamination took place and, if it did, it was below the surface that fed the adjoining cotton and pecan fields. Aiding the defense case was the fact that the company employed many of the local residents, some of whose family members or friends were likely to be on the jury.

Working with plaintiff counsel and a team of jury consultants, we strategized, designed and produced almost 40 demonstratives for mock trial and trial, including the one shown here that established Aera’s profits that they could not have made if not for their subsurface trespass and for which they needed to compensate our client.

Damages of $7.1M were awarded to our client.

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