Case Study: U.S. v. AU Optronics (Leung)
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White Collar Criminal, Antitrust, Complex Business
Plaintiff Counsel: U.S. Department of Justice
“Crystal Meetings”

This federal antitrust/white collar criminal prosecution revolved around price-fixing by off-shore LCD screen manufacturers. In the original prosecution many leaders were indicted but jurors were not sure about one central AU Optronics executive who claimed to barely have participated in any meetings and said he knew nothing of the scheme.

Working with the attorneys from the U.S. Department of Justice, Clear Case Legal strategized, designed and produced a number of demonstratives to highlight that the executive (Steven Leung) not only knew about the scheme but that he was a major player in it. Other demonstratives showed the financial reward of his participation.

The graphic shown here, used in opening, displayed a timeline of confidential “Crystal Meetings” in which Leung and the other LCD executives hammered out the on-going price-fixing details, countering arguments that he barely attended.

The jury found the executive guilty.

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