Case Study: Hinton, et al v. Motor Coach Industries
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Product Liability, Insurance, Wrongful Death, Personal Injury
Defense Co-Counsel: Adams & Reese and Hartline Dacus Barger
“Comparison of Safety Glass”

A motor coach driver traveling at speeds unsafe for weather conditions was slow to react to stopped highway traffic causing his vehicle to cross a meridian, hit oncoming traffic and flipping his vehicle. A number of passengers in the oncoming vehicles as well as in the motor coach were killed.

Following settlements with the bus driver and bus-operating company, Plaintiffs decided to go after the motor coach manufacturer. With families of those killed or injured in the small community, the venue was extremely unfavorable for our client.

Working with defense co-counsels and the jury consultant, we strategized, designed and produced over 30 demonstratives for focus group and trial that showed —among other facts— that our client had strictly followed federal safety regulations as well as the safety that those federal regulations provided; the potential dangers of the alternatives that plaintiffs were suggesting; and that statistics underscored that motor coaches are one of the safest ways to travel.

The case has gone through a series of appeals and counter appeals with courts in support of both parties, with the latest appeal to the Texas Supreme Court.

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