Case Study: “Building a Company”
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Complex Business, Oil & Gas, Commercial
Case name withheld by request
Plaintiff Counsel: Markowitz Herbold Glade & Mehlhaf

In this contract law dispute in federal court, plaintiff was going up against two major oil companies that had reneged on a contract that was never formally signed.

Among the challenges, was how to counteract defense arguments that plaintiff was a small dealer with minimal profits; that the contract had no impact; and that damages, if any, were inconsequential.

A timeline that communicates more than chronology. We designed this interactive timeline that allowed plaintiff’s lead attorney to show, step-by-step, the hard-earned and remarkable growth of this family-run business.

Each gas station (now scrubbed) was shown as it came on-line, along with yearly increases in revenue, until the date of the broken contract.

The jury awarded plaintiff millions of dollars.

Opposing counsel (from a nationally-known firm) commented, “This was the most effective use of graphics I’ve ever seen. I’ll never go to trial without you again.”

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