Seasoned Media Pros

The Clear Case Legal team is a group of seasoned media professionals —former national television producers, educators, information designers, editors, trial technicians —with over 35 years experience producing legal demonstratives for judges and juries. We combine our extensive knowledge of cognitive research and judicial experience with decades of multimedia production in education, corporate communications and national broadcast television.

Our Approach

Our number one priority is to help you develop your arguments into a strong, coherent story that will resonate emotionally with your audience, whether it is a jury, judge or arbitration panel. We have a simple but methodical process.

Our Clients

For 15 years, the Clear Case Legal team has worked with the finest litigating attorneys and law firms across the country, on hundreds of cases, with unparalleled success. We feel privileged that they value our approach and expertise.

What litigators say
about us

Using our considerable media experience, we work closely with lead counsel, their team, the jury consultant and the expert witnesses to craft a strategic presentation that delivers success.


We have been writing about best practices for reaching juries and judges, and have been quoted extensively in legal journals for more than 20 years. If you are a litigator this is information you can use.


We take our alliances seriously and work to continually educate ourselves on the newest cognitive and judicial information. That’s why we are members of the national legal community.